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Welcome to Elinates on-demand!

A unique training system that combines an exercise of Pilates, aerobics and stretching of yoga and physiotherapy, and allows everyone (even people with injuries and other physical disabilities) to have a slim, toned, flexible and healthy body.

Different from other fitness programs, Elinates pulls from a variety of different fitness - disciplines that allows to achieve excellent results, prevent boredom, and carefully work out all the muscle groups without extra equipment!

24/7 Instant Access to your fitness needs

Elina will guide you through each workout, every step of the way

No Extra Equipment Needed

Elinates workouts require no additional equipment. Just YOU!

Wide Variety

Workouts contain a variety of fitness-disciplines to prevent boredom.


Achieve a slim, trim, flexible and healthy (pain-free) body without harm to your joints.

It's very simple - I'm here for you

I am here to help you believe in what you can do better and that dreams come true.

I am here to show you that when you open your mind and heart to the new, the impossible becomes possible.