Elinates 3 Low - Impact Aerobics (focus on legs) and Core Strengthening Exercisers

Are you ready to get lean, strong & flexible body without ruining your joints? Are you a beginner or have injuries? Then, Elinates Workout3 is what you’ve been looking for. Forget traditional core exercisers and straightforward cardio. Instead, experience Elinates workout method which mixes low - impact aerobics with pilates style exercisers to get you a lean, flexible body and to help you tone (strengthen) your entire core.The workout consists of 2 segments. The first segment includes 20 min of low – impact aerobics while the 2d one features 20 min. of mat pilates style exercisers. This 45 min. routine can be done separately or together with other Elinates workouts to get the best possible results. And the best part… No equipment is required, so the only thing you need is a burning desire to have a strong, lean body.

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