Elinates 5 Low - Impact Total Body Aerobics & Core Strengthening

Do you want to get rid of belly fat and flatten your abs? Or maybe you are looking for a low – impact, fun way to lean out? Try Elinates Workout 5 which combines low - impact aerobic moves and pilates style exercisers to get you a lean, flexible body and to help you tone (strengthen) your entire core. The workout is divided into 2 segments which includes 20 min. low - impact aerobics part and 20 min. core circuit which includes muscle – toning moves for your abs and lower back. This 45 min. routine comes with detailed explanations and modifications so it is a perfect for beginners or anyone who is new to working out. Elinates Workout 5 can be either done separately or together with other Elinates Workouts to get the best possible results. With no equipment required and upbeat music on the background, the only thing you need is a burning desire to have a strong, lean body.

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