Elinates 7 Total Body Workout (Focus on Abs, Legs and Glutes)

Get a tight, toned and defined body with this Pilates Inspired Total Body Strengthening Workout from Elina Davis, creator of Elinates Workout System. Elinates is the new, enjoyable way to lengthen the thighs, flatten the abs, lift the booty and sculpt the legs. Forget squats and lunges and enjoy creative pilates style exercisers which work those hard to reach inner thighs and back of the legs. Elinates Workout 7 also includes core strengthening exercises to help you get ABS you’ve always dreamt of. Specifically designed for beginners and people with injuries, Elinates Workout 7 comes with detailed explanations and modifications so that absolutely everyone can do it regardless of situation and physical challenges he or she faces. This 45 min. workout can be done separately or together with other Elinates workouts to get the best possible results. And the best part… No equipment is required, so the only thing you need is a burning desire to have a strong, lean body.

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